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What can I do if there are no active service technicians available?

Although rare, there may be times, especially after hours, that an active fyxify service technician is not immediately available. But, fyxify is here to help! 1) Try expanding your map view. There may be a technician available outside your immediate service area. You can contact the technician via the app and request service. 2) Contact fyxify's customer service team and we may be able to notify a nearby technician who is currently not in service, but will be more than happy to respond to your service request.

Can I finance the cost of service or repairs?

No, not at this time. Financing options are only available for the purchase and installation of a new heating and cooling system.

If I don't need service right away, can I set a service appointment?

With fyxify you don't need to make an appointment! Because of our vast service network, a certified technician should be available to come to your home quickly during normal service hours. There's no need to schedule a service call in advance – or be inconvenienced with a 4-hour appointment window.

Can I select the technician I want to use?

Yes, you can! When you use fyxify, you can see available technicians and review their credentials and experience. You can also use the search and sort function to make sure you find the best match or, if you like for fyxify to assign a technician, just call our office at 877-939-9439.

I have an estimate for a new system. Can fyxify meet or beat the price?

Yes, we can! Email us a photo of your quote or contact our customer support team at 877-939-9439 and we'll provide you with a lower cost by at least $100.

If I have an emergency after hours, is fyxify available 24/7?

In most of the markets we serve, fyxify technicians are "on call" to help respond to emergency service calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you don't see an active service technician on the fyxify map, please contact us either online or at 877-939-9439 and our dispatch service will contact a technician as soon as possible. You'll be notified immediately that help is on the way.

Are there any hidden costs or fees?

No. When you use fyxify, you'll see the part cost and the repair cost transparently. Every cost and charge is clearly shown and must be approved by you before any work is completed. The repairs you choose are entirley up to you! If you choose not to have your system repaired, you'll only pay the $49 diagnostic fee.

Can I cancel a service call before the technician arrives at my home?

Yes. Using fyxify, select the "Cancel Service" located in the menu bar or call our office at 877-939-9439.

Are all the fyxify technicians licensed, insured, and background checked?

Absolutely yes! Every fyxify technician is fully certified. They must also pass national background checks. But, we don't stop there. Every technician must pass strict in the field testing and difficult proficiency testing to ensure that we are sending the absolute best technicians into your home. fyxify also provides ongoing training to keep every technician up to date on all makes and models of equipment. We even have a national "hands-on" training facility located in Nashville.

Can fyxify technicians service and repair any make or model of equipment?

Yes! Every fyxify technician is TruTech Certified™ which means that they have been certified for service and repair for all makes and models of equipment. They are masters of their craft and the best technicians in the business.

What method of payment can I use?

fyxify accepts all major credit or debit cards. Payments made to fyxify are made through the website or the app, and secured by Stripe Payments, the nation’s leading secure credit card processing service. fyxify technicians will never ask you for your credit card information.



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